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every planet we reach is dead [entries|friends|calendar]

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[ Wednesday
30/05/07 @ 2:57 am]
[ mood | blank ]

i missed my own birthday haha

im nearly done packing even tho screw driveers are hard to work

its very hot in here

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I need a screwdriver. [ Wednesday
16/05/07 @ 11:23 pm]
The studio is quiet. It's always quiet anymore.

He pads up the stairs from his basement room on bare feet. There's a pause at the carpark and a squint, before his shoulders slump and he sighs.
Wandering to the kitchen, he methodically digs through the drawers. Eventually, he finds what he's looking for and shuffles back to his room, closing the door behind him.

Slowly, carefully, he begins unscrewing the brackets that hold the synths to the walls. He doesn't want to break anything, so he's taking his time. There's no hurry anyway. He'll get it done eventually.

[ Tuesday
17/04/07 @ 1:29 am]
[ mood | confused ]

it may have been my birthday last month. or it may be next month. it depends on who you ask. im not sure. nobody will tell me. there wasnt a party last month but there wasnt a party last year either. maybe i dont have birthdays anymore. who knows? ill get a pint either way.

i have to remember to ring my solicitor about the baby cheques i got a nasty letter in the mail today. its not like its my job to remember them or nothing. i have notes with sticky on to use. i put one on the telly. it says 2D BUY SOCKS because i also need to buy socks.

i look very studious in that icon.

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[ Monday
25/12/06 @ 2:39 am]
[ mood | amused ]

i heard a joke on telly today and i didnt want to forget it.

what do bass players use for contraception?
their personalities

anyway happy christmas. i am going to bed now.


[ Tuesday
14/11/06 @ 10:00 pm]
[ mood | confused ]

muds has been acting weird and im never going to get to come out of my room ever again i dont think.

also wtf? O_o
why doesnt anybody ever tell me these things?

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[ Friday
25/08/06 @ 9:43 pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]


i would make the words bigger but i dont know how.

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[ Saturday
19/08/06 @ 5:26 am]
[ mood | naughty ]

so i met this girl. her names emily or lucy or something. i dont remember exactly. shes pretty and i think she fancies me.

im all sore.

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[ Friday
4/08/06 @ 6:00 pm]
[ mood | pleased ]

i dont want to come back. maybe i wont. ha!

i have a sunburn. im all pink.

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[ Sunday
25/06/06 @ 3:15 am]
[ mood | anxious ]

weird stuff going on round here. strange vibes. dont know what it is, dont like it tho. think i'll be staying in my room til somebody tells me to get out of it.

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[ Sunday
23/04/06 @ 12:36 am]
[ mood | confused ]


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